C-Suite Executives


(includes assessment)


Emotional Intelligence: the key to your success 

Understand your own emotions and learn how to train your brain to manage yourself and your team


What is this session about?


👉 Knowing your strengths and weaknesses and how to put them to work for you

👉  Understanding the dynamics of your work scenario

                                              👉Identifying conflicts with team members, superiors and peers

👉Identifying required external changes: initiatives and innovations

👉 Creating a powerful and transformative road map: a step-by-step plan of action


Number of sessions: 1 – Duration: 90 minutes  – Where? Live* or Remote (over Zoom or Skype)


How will this help: you will get a clear picture of how to manage yourself and your emotions and the changes to be done to benefit your company.  


The session includes:

📍 Initial assessment 

📍 Role Play and other exercises 

📍 Action Plan: Detailed Road Map


Total Price: 500 euros + VAT
*travel & accommodation fee is not included



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