Emotional Intelligence for the C-Suite 


(includes assessment)


As a C-Suite executive, you need to understand your own emotions and learn how to train your brain to manage yourself and your team


What is this session about?


It will be tailored to your needs as a C-Suite executive, but it will be based in:


👉 Knowing your strengths and weaknesses and how to put them to work for you

👉 Understanding the dynamics of your work scenario

👉 Identifying conflicts with team members, superiors and peers

👉 Identifying required external changes: initiatives and innovations

👉 Creating a powerful and transformative road map: a step-by-step plan of action


Number of sessions: 1 – Duration: 90 minutes  – Where? Live* or Remote (over Zoom or Skype)


How will this help: as a C-Suite executive, will gain a clear picture of how to manage yourself and your emotions and the changes to be done to benefit your company.  


The session includes:

📍 Initial assessment 

📍 Role Play and other exercises 

📍 Action Plan: Detailed Road Map


Total Price: 500 euros + VAT
*travel & accommodation fee is not included



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