Did you know that 72% of Entrepreneurs lack a clear view of their skills?

And did you know that an assessment like Entrepreneur Scan can unveil your entrepreneur profile, letting you discover which skills you would need to develop further and which ones are you already mastering?



So, let me introduce you to this favourite tool of mine


Maiten Panella Entrepreneur Scan


What is it?

It is an assessment that allows you to have direct insight into your strengths and weaknesses as an entrepreneur within an average of 16 minutes.
It says something about how enterprising you are and should be. So, based on scientific data, you can begin a path of improvement, acquiring the exact skills you need for your business and your life.

Why is it important?

Entrepreneur Scan is based on extensive scientific research and provides a clear picture and explanation of the most important characteristics and qualities that contribute to successful entrepreneurship.

How it can help?

This is not just another entrepreneur quiz, but a serious entrepreneurial personality test to uncover their entrepreneurial potentialtrait, and skill.


Together, Entrepreneur Scan and my Coaching can help you develop and improve all the skills you need to finally see your business drive.


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