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Business and Psychology for Expats


As an expat myself I know firsthand the particular pain points that this journey brings with it, so I can help you overcome obstacles and convert challenges into opportunities. And not just because I am psychologist, but also because I can relate to your position. –


These Business Coaching sessions for Expats are the perfect combination of psychology and business. They are designed to help you as an entrepreneur – and even more so as a leader.



Are my Business and Psychology sessions for Expats right for you? Let’s check:

Maiten Panella - Coaching


Do you SAY YES to these statements?


📌 I am an expat

📌 I sometimes struggle with emotions as a business owner

📌 I sometimes let my emotions take control of my decision-making

📌 I sometimes have trouble with my motivation and purpose?

📌 I sometimes struggle to communicate – and not just because of a language barrier


With my help, you’ll learn a variety of techniques that allow you to perform at your best, whichever country you’re in.



What you get in an expat coaching session

• In-person or remote session via Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp
• A clear path to conquer your self-doubts and tackle any challenge
• Fun, motivation and … homework!

Prices start at €150 per session, and we can do our sessions in English, Italian or Spanish.


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