About Maiten Panella

Hi! I'm Maiten, a Business Psychologist, Psychotherapist and EMCC Senior Practitioner Coach with 30 years of multicultural experience, helping leaders, entrepreneurs and executives gain clarity and focus—and reconnect with their true purpose and motivation.

I'm a Board Member of EMCC Spain (European Mentoring and Coaching Council), in charge of the Accreditation department.

Besides my private practice, I am a Premium Platinum Coach at BetterUp and Head of Executive Coaching and Development at Diverse Mental Health

I have always loved facilitating the road that leads to success, working relentlessly toward your goals but, most importantly, helping you find and embrace yourself in the process. I focus my work on the needs of my client, creating a tailored, transformative path that can address

• Anxiety and Stress Management
• Empathetic Communication
• Achievement Drive and Motivation
• Adaptability and Change
• Conflict Management
• Leadership Development

emotional intelligence entrepreneurs

More about me:

I was raised in a multicultural family, and have lived and worked on three different continents. That experience showed me that even though we share many traits as human beings, each individual needs to be understood and respected for their uniqueness and wholeness. This approach opens the doors to a fulfilling life that allows you to make a significant contribution to society.

A psychologist and psychotherapist with a Masters Degree in Gestalt, I have sought further studies in Emotional Intelligence, Positive Psychology and Cognitivism.
In addition to my work as a consultant, I am experienced in marketing, communication and project management.

 As an entrepreneur, I am the proud former CEO of a Society for Arts and Culture founded in Venice, Italy, which I founded in 2005 and ran for more than 10 years.

I vigorously defend the concept of “Contact,” a powerful force that springs out when people remain fully present and practise active listening with genuine curiosity and generosity.

I’ve been practising yoga my whole life, as well as meditation.

When I'm not coaching, I love listening to classical music and take long walks by the seashore.

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