Live Masterclass

Learn the 3-step process for dealing with conflict and reducing stress at work 

Do you SAY YES to these statements? 

  • I feel overwhelmed by emotions such as stress, anxiety and/or confusion.
  • I have lost my balance and am having difficulty regaining focus and clarity.
  • I struggle separating the urgent from the important.
  • I find myself procrastinating.
  • I get into trouble when tackling difficult conversations.
  • I need to regain control.
  • I need to overcome my fears and change my mindset.

Then this Masterclass is for you!

This Masterclass will help you to...

Recognise the triggers

Learn to read the internal signs that lead to the emotions  

Break the cycle

Begin to respond instead of react

Reduce stress

Stop overwhelm and keep anxiety at bay

Take control

Reduce impulsivity and choose the best course of action

Increase balance

Achieve a healthy work-life balance

Regain Focus

Prioritise the important after taking care of the urgent

Communicate effectively

Convey your message and regain productivity 

Get ready to take action

Create a powerful and transformative plan of action

My name is Maitén Panella. I’m a Psychologist specialised in the use of Emotional Intelligence (and other theories) to improve your business. 

For almost 20 years I’ve helped professionals, companies and non-profits. And I can help you too. 

Combining techniques from Emotional Intelligence, Gestalt and other theories, I explore blocked emotions to unlock hidden potential and enable action. 

I will share with you all the secrets of self-management, a key competence for success.

Maiten Masterclass Emotional Intelligence


What: Live Masterclass: the 3-step process for dealing with conflict and reducing stress at work 

When: June 19th, 2019 - 15:00 CEST (it will be recorded)

Where: WebinarJam (link will be provided)

Why: Because you want your business to skyrocket!

How much: € 99 

You will also receive: a Preparation Form + a Workbook + a personalised answer to one question (live or by email)

Get ready for a transformative hour devoted TO YOU

(and not the typical sales pitch)

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