I can help you to find your UNIQUENESS
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Branding: beyond the visuals

Maitén Panella - Branding

I bet you associate the word branding with visual identity elements, like your logo, your website, and your message; and you are right!

Nevertheless, the truth is that branding means much more!

I am here to help you to discover our UNIQUENESS and find out how to leverage it.

You need branding if you are:

*a professional who wants to spread a message and raise awareness

* a company eager to make a mark

* a non-profit in need of specific coaching 

Your message can arrive in a more fluid way once you have identified your

* mission and vision

* benefit and features of your products or services

* your own voice and strength

You can count on me to help you find and promote them in a consistent way with a complete branding plan that goes beyond the visual elements. 

And there is more: I will help you develop your full potential with different psychological tested and proved techniques.  

Count on me to show you how to leverage your emotional intelligence and put it at your service.


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