Business and Psychology

Together, they can help you improve your business game


The Business and Psychology sessions are specifically tailored to meet your needs and the needs of your business.

Business and Psychology is the perfect combination for entrepreneurs and business owners.


Business and Psychology

Wondering if my specifically tailored Business and Psychology sessions can help you?

Let me ask you:

Do you struggle with your emotions as a business owner?

Want to learn how to respond instead of reacting?

Are you having trouble with your motivation?

Or perhaps with your communication?

Do you want to learn about emotional branding so you can attract the right clients and then keep them?

Or do you perhaps need to learn tips and tricks about Time Management and/or Mindfulness?


Thanks to my background in psychology, I can also assist you with a variety of techniques that will enable you to perform at your best: Gestalt, NLP and Emotional Intelligence, at your service.

My coaching sessions are full of fun, motivation and … homework! Whether the session is held in person or remotely, you can conquer your self-doubts and you will find yourself ready to tackle any challenge.

We can connect via Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp. Sessions can be tailored to individuals or for groups and be held in any of the following languages: English, Italian or Spanish.  



Besides the individual sessions, I also offer special Business and Psychology packages: take a look at them


Emotional Intelligence: Learn how to leverage your Strengths and Weaknesses


Communication Skills for Getting and Keeping your Clients


Responding instead of Reacting: Emotional Self-Control



Can’t decide which one is the right for you? Do want to know more details?

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Don’t worry if English is not your first language: we can do our sessions in Italian or Spanish instead.