Getting and keeping your clients


developing your

Communication Skills


You will learn how to

👉Actively listen and focus in order to understand the needs of your clients/customers/co-workers

👉 Understand non-verbal communication: gestures, pauses, body language 

👉Deliver your message: avoid misunderstandings and learn how to say NO in a kind but clear way


Number of sessions: 5 – Duration: 50 minutes / session – Where? Over Skype or Zoom

Your achievement: 
by the time we have finished working together, you will know how to express yourself in an open and honest way whilst respecting others; you will learn how to understand the unspoken needs of your clients, customers or co-workers and also, how to set limits and say no when it is appropriate.


Each session includes:

📍 Initial assessment

📍Practical, oral and written exercises

📍 Role Play 

📍 Email post-session with recap and guidelines


Total Price: 750 euros (+VAT if it is appropriate)



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