Emotional Intelligence for personal & career success

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Emotional Intelligence Skills


Emotional Intelligence is all about understanding your own emotions and learning how to train your brain to manage them.



What are these Emotional Intelligence sessions about?

👍 Emotions Management

👍 Empathetic Communication

👍 Achievement Orientation and Motivation

👍 Adaptability and Change

👍 Conflict Management


What is it in for you?

👉 Know and master your strengths and weaknesses

👉 Understand the dynamics of your work/life scenario

👉 Identify required changes

👉 Create a step-by-step plan of action

Where? Over Skype or Zoom. Live as well, of course.


How can the Emotional Intelligence work that we’ll do together help you? by the time we have finished working together, you will have a clear picture of yourself and the changes that you can manage and control.



emotional intelligence



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