Do you feel like your life as an entrepreneur is a permanent rollercoaster?

Say goodbye to anxiety and stress, reconnect with your purpose and motivations and make your business go in the direction you’ve always wanted it to.

If you feel that your life is a rollercoaster, 

it's time to stop and learn how to ride it

Working with me, you will:

  1. 1
    Regain clarity and focus, so you can embrace new opportunities 
  2. 2
    Understand how to satisfy your client’s needs and develop a "big picture" vision
  3. 3
    Wave goodbye to anxiety and stress, and reconnect with your purpose and motivation. 

Maiten Panella 

Business Psychologist

You might be wondering... 

"Do I really need a Business Pyschologist?"

"How can you help my business grow?"


"Can you help me to manage

my emotions and feel less stressed?"

Mname is Maiten Panella, and I’ve worked with entrepreneurs, founders and business owners to answer and solve these concerns.

With 25 years as a Business Psychologist, my aim is to help you and your business thrive and stay sane.

(Even in this unpredictable world of business!)

Peter Sumptom

Chartered Marketer, Consultant

"Maitén would listen to my thoughts and current position, look at where I wanted to be and what I wanted to achieve and then help me break down some limiting beliefs and build on strong positive foundations that led me to make the right informed decisions. Decisions that were right for me and my future. .... there was even homework that gave me time to reflect, think and continue to progress with my self-development in between our conversations. The techniques we went through in these sessions still resonate with me today and allow me to focus on a positive future".

The most successful entrepreneurs have a strong support network to help them see the forest for the trees

I trust you are an amazing entrepreneur, but remember that you are also human – and human action is always based on emotion.

The overwhelming rhythm of your hectic day-to-day makes it difficult to see the root cause of the obstacles you face daily. 

If you need to pivot, you need to be fully supported to make sure that your business goes in the direction you’ve always wanted it to.

This is where I can come in to support you, by:

  • Helping you to identify and understand your obstacles and challenges
  • Starting you on the path to managing your emotions
  • Getting rid of clutter so you can envision new opportunities

More clients, more joy, less stress.

Don’t get caught in the cycle of being controlled by the unconscious, letting it have a direct – and not always wanted – impact on your business.

Remember this cycle.

My mission as your Business Psychologist is to help you to regain control, 

making conscious the unconscious. 

And beyond the results, it's a wonderful sensation. I promise..

Would you like to experience less stress, more fulfilment and understand how your emotions play into your success? 

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What You’ll Get During This

                                        Free Discovery Call

This strategy call is devoted to get to know you and your business, exploring present challenges and also, possible initial solutions.

I will help you to understand the dynamics behind it and you will get a glimpse of what it feels like to work with me.

What Happens Before the Call?

I’ll begin by taking a look at your website, LinkedIn profile, and any additional information you might send over. This will help me to better understand you and your business.

What Happens During the Call?

During our call, we can discuss any potential concerns, problematic situations or hindrances you are experiencing. Then, we’ll try to understand possible causes and envision a first solution, whether you are facing one challenge or several.

What Changes After the Call?

The day after our chat, you will receive a recap of our talk, plus a recommended strategy and a complete explanation of how I can help you with it, including timelines, goals and investment. 

Why are my sessions transformative?

                 Because, they will help you to:

Why should you consider me as your Business Psychologist?

As an entrepreneur, you know that you need a "support network".  People by your side, helping you thrive, making you aware of the blindspots, helping you to avoid the unwanted and also, to embrace success. 

If you have ever seen the TV Show "Billions", you know that a businessman like Bobby Axelrod has the help of Psychiatrist Wendy Rhoades by his side. 

Wendy's main role is to help Bobby to be aware of -and use- his full potential.

I can be your Wendy! 

I know that each situation is different, and every person is different. This is why I strongly recommend to adapt to your personal sphere any good technique or solution you have read in a book or listened to in a podcast. 

This is why working in personalised 1-to-1 sessions is the best way to fully understand your business and its own, exclusive dynamics. 

Carmen delgado

Communications Director

"Maitén Panella is one of the greatest professionals I know. I've been working with Maitén for several years and what impressed me the most was her ability to listen and to see at a glance what the client really needs. "

Your business and your mind are bonded!


My 25+ years of experience working with people from all around the world has shown me that very clearly. 

But not only that: I am an entrepreneur myself, and after living in 4 different countries in 3 different continents, I have learnt the importance of respecting and honouring that uniqueness. 

I'm ready to hear your full story and help you develop all the skills that you need, so you can start running a successful business and living a life with definitely less stress and more fullfilment. 


Frequently asked questions

I don't need a Psychologist in my life. Why would I need you?

Remember that my main role is to help you improve YOUR BUSINESS. My background in Psychology and Psychotherapy, joined by my after degree studies in Gestalt, Cognitive Psychology and Emotional Intelligence, are the perfect qualifications for you to know that our work will be based on science and a broad business experience, other than being completely confidential. 

I'm a small business owner and not a longtime entrepreneur. Can you help me as well?

Of course. It doesn't matter the size of your business or the time you've spent running it. You can be a Solopreneur, the Founder of a startup with a small team or a long-time Entrepreneur who is the head of an important company. 

What will I gain from these sessions?

You’ll learn how to avoid burnout and stress, maintain your motivation and purpose and how to communicate with different stakeholders, finding clarity around your emotions along the way.
By getting to the root of the problem together, you will be able to learn how to use different ‘tools’ for various purposes, which will be useful for the rest of your life – rather than a one-off ‘patch’ or momentary solution.

Can we work live as well as remote? 

Absolutely. I've been working remote for many years, long before the pandemic hit, and I will keep on doing so in the future. But I will be happy going back to the live meetings as well. I used to travel a lot visiting clients, mainly inside Europe, but I am open to contemplate the possibility of travelling overseas if the conditions are the right ones. 

Which are the main topics we can tackle? 

Anything! But let me share with you some topics I find crucial for any entrepreneur to develop:

• Anxiety and Stress Management
• Empathetic Communication
• Achievement Drive and Motivation
• Adaptability and Change
• Conflict Management
• Leadership Development

Can we work in other languages other than English? 

Yes! We can talk in Italian and Spanish, besides English. I also speak French fluently, so you get to decide which is the language of your preference.

How long do we have to work together? 

I usually work in cycles that go from 1 to 3 months for each topic. At the end of the cycle, and after analysing results, we take a break of at least 15 days. After that, if you have other concerns or want to develop another skill, we can begin a new cycle.  

Can you also help my teams?

With pleasure! Some entrepreneurs hire me to work by their side, meaning that I get to talk with many -if not all - the members of the company. This is an excellent way to keep your business sane, even in this pretty insane world we all live in.  

Why did you start this business?

I’ve been a psychologist for more than 25 years, working in different countries with people from all over the world. I love understanding people and why they do what they do, and the way they do it!
I also understand first-hand the ‘entrepreneur personality’, being an entrepreneur myself after founding a Society for Arts and Culture in 2005, based in Venice, Italy.

What Are You Waiting For? Let’s Improve Your Business!