What does it mean for Entrepreneurs to develop Emotional Intelligence? 

Our emotions lead the way for everything we do, even if we are not aware.
This is why to get to know what you feel -and how this feeling plays a key role in your business-, can be a real game-changer.


Emotional Intelligence for Entrepreneurs was designed specifically to help founders and business owners dealing with clients and investors, managing teams and negotiating with stakeholders. 


Emotional management doesn’t mean to suppress, deny or restrain what you feel.
It means to know how to play your cards the best way possible, with the hand you got. 



Emotional Intelligence FOR ENTREPRENEURS  will help you to


 Develop your creativity and “the big picture” vision

Maintain focus and clarity

Become a skilled negotiator

Understand how to satisfy your client’s needs

Create an atmosphere of productivity within your team

Keep anxiety at bay.

Regain your health (and your sleep)


It also includes an assessment, the E-Scan, that will allow you to have direct insight into your strengths and weaknesses as an entrepreneur, within an average of 16 minutes. So, based on scientific data, you can begin a path of improvement, acquiring the exact skills you need for your business and your life.



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