for Executives and Entrepreneurs

Leadership Development

Goal setting and Performance

Negotiation, Persuasion, Communication

Adaptability and Resilience

Achievement Orientation and Motivation

Change management


Stress and Anxiety Management

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Embrace change and get ready for the new modern

Embrace change and get ready for the new modern

Learn how to

Embrace new challenges and make the most our of them

Regain clarity and focus

Close with the past and shift gears

Identify new opportunities

Emotional Intelligencefor the C-Suite executives

Emotional Intelligencefor the C-Suite executives

Learn how to

Manage your team with empathy, building trust and cooperation

Be open to creativity and innovation without losing control

Navigate the waters of change management overcoming the anxiety of the present times

How to become a Successful Entrepreneur

How to become a Successful Entrepreneur

Learn how to

Recognise and manage your emotions

Embrace opportunities

Cultivate patience and build up your resilience

Create a succesful business model



I'm Maiten Panella, a Business Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Executive Coach.

A Senior Practitioner and Board Member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC-Spain) with 30 years of multicultural professional experience, I help leaders, executives and entrepreneurs gain clarity and focus—and reconnect with their true purpose and motivation.

I work for individuals and also associate with companies whose values are aligned with mine. This is why I am a Premier Fellow Coach at BetterUp (San Franciso, USA) and the Head of Executive Coaching and Strategic Development at Diverse Mental Health (London, UK).

As a Leadership Coach, I'm part of theMakings teams, building future leaders for a better society.

I'm proud to be also a team member of Thought Leadership Development - Continuous Professional Development at EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council). CPD is defined as the learning process required for coaches and mentors to ensure that their coaching standards and competencies are maintained and enhanced over time.

Curious about how I can help you and your business?