Navigating Organisational Politics

Get ready to understand and navigate the organisational, political landscape

Ready to learn how to understand the game?

Many people think politics can be avoid. Let me tell you something: they cannot. They are an integral part of the organisation and belongs to the culture that is unspoken but powerful.

Being able to navigate the organisational political landscape is connected with emotional intelligence. The higher the EQ, the better.

My coaching will address the following topics:

🔷The status quo: understading politics in your organisation
🔷How well do you play the game?
🔷Signals of political trouble
🔷The leverage equations
🔷Mapping the stakeholeders
🔷Recognising your allies and friends, and be aware of your adversaries and foes
🔷Setting yourself up for success

Begin the year with a clear strategy and set yourself up for success!

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