3 solutions to your lack of motivation problem


Lack of motivation is something that we all experiment, sooner or later. It can heavily affect our business if we don’t pay attention, understand the problem and take action soon.

What causes a lack of motivation?

How to get motivated even when the energy levels are low?

How to bring again the achievement drive that is needed to carry on?

I wrote an article about Motivation and one of the most famous theories about it; but now, I’d like to briefly explore three possible causes and their respective solutions to the lack of motivation


lack of motivation


These 3 areas (goals, confidence and anxiety), are the most common causes of lack of motivation.


📍 If your goals are too many, or too ambitious, you can feel discouraged pretty soon;

📍 If you find yourself procrastinating and taking action is an issue, you might need a self-confidence boost;

📍 If anxiety is taking over and controlling yourself, your energy levels might be running low.


Remember that the best way to explore the causes and solve the problem is to address it quickly; if it is already affecting your productivity and performance, you can book your free consultation with me and discover how.


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