Become an Entrepreneur: Key Steps for a Succesful Transition

(the road from employee to entrepreneurship)


The road for a successful transition is not easy. If you come from the corporate world, to become an entrepreneur can make you feel full of anxiety for the unknown. You will face changes in your daily routine and new challenges will dominate the scene.

Let’s work together to make the transition smoother, based on a business plan, psychological tips and a thorough reality check.


Learn to recognise and develop hard and soft skills you will need to thrive in your new path


📍 Recognise and Manage your emotions

📍 Embrace new challenges and opportunities

📍 Cultivate patience and build up your resilience

📍 Analyse and Select the hard skills and best tools 


We can work remote, over Zoom or Skype. 


Your achievement: by the time we have finished working together, you will know exactly what it takes to become an entrepreneur. You will have a plan and a structure to follow and you will know how to tackle any problematic situation without losing focus or clarity. 

You will also learn the technique for keeping stress and anxiety at bay and feeling balanced instead of overwhelmed, which is pivotal for any entrepreneurship.


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