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Strategic adaptability: the number 1 skill for business survival

What can “strategic adaptability” do for your business?

We all know that adaptability is one (if not “the” one) most important skill when it comes to running your own business. You know, other than death and taxes, all the rest is uncertainty.

And as entrepreneurs, we know perfectly well the importance of balance between a good plan and a massive dose of adaptability.

Without a plan, it isn’t easy to achieve any goal. To leave things to luck sounds like entrepreneurial suicide.
And we all know that a last-minute reaction, even if we try to pivot, doesn’t do the trick.

In all strategies, you need to understand why are you doing what you are doing and use the data you collect to predict what’s coming up next.

That is the reason why we use data! We make analysis and predictions, and we trace a map (the strategic plan) that leads the way.

But reality shows that the road is bumpy, and despite all our planning, we can fail to foreseen what’s coming up next, mainly if it is something as unpredictable as, for example, Covid_19.

So, how can we be prepared to navigate those waters?

Better put, can we be fully prepared for that?

The answer is yes, developing strategic adaptability, which is no other than the fusion of planning (external, based on data) and flexibility (internal, based on you).


strategic adaptability


Strategic Adaptability is the capacity to respond in an effective way to the unforeseen changes being able to respond quickly and effectively.

In short: it is the ability to plan for the unexpected.

If we are open to change and can quickly adapt – based on the fluctuations of the environment-,, we will still be able to envision opportunities, even in the most challenging situations.


So, let me ask you:

  • Are you flexible enough to be able to change your strategy if the environment requires it?
  • If the answer is yes, how quick? Time is our most valued asset
  • Can you create a business strategy that includes the unknown? In which way? How do you measure it?
  • Can you harness your emotions over change and get to see the business opportunities that arise with it?


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Calm your mind in 6 steps and 3 minutes

Ready to calm your mind? This is an easy and quick way.

A busy mind, full of noise and worries, needs to take a break to regain control and be full operative.


This short breathing exercise might help:

1) block your right nostril with your thumb, and take a deep breath through your left nostril
2) repeat it at least for three minutes, putting to work just the left nostril
3) purposely, make the exhalation longer than the inhale
4) repeat this whole breathing for at least three minutes
5) relax and breath normally


Here you have the same instructions to calm your mind, but you can download the visual, or copy and paste it.


calm your mind



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